Colin Sarsfield's Delphi Page

A while back I wrote some libraries for Delphi and placed them in the public domain. Click here to download. These libraries have also been further updated and enhanced by Tomislav Kardaš. His update includes the ability to load HTML files, which do not conform to the XML standard, and XPath support.

The readme for my version of the libraries follows:

Readme.txt - Release 4 (March 12, 2004)

This zip file contains some miscellaneous Delphi modules that I have released into the public domain for you to use at your own risk. Also included are some demo programs which show how to use some of the units.



Tomislav Kardaš (, Zagreb, Croatia, Europe contributed major revisions and optimizations to the XML modules. See comments in XMLNode.pas for details.

Andrew Vogan ( made contributions to the maintenance of many of these libraries.

If you have any questions, bug fixes, suggestions, checks, etc. you would like to send me, let me know.